Fogo Island, Ocean, 2013 Fall 101 SOLDFogo Island, Winter 2014, 103 SOLDFogo Island, Fall 2013, Ocean 102 SOLDTilting Winds SOLDFog at Oliver's Cove SOLDWalk along Turpin's Trail SOLDFogo Island Storm SOLDPoor's Lane SOLDSundown Joe Batt's Arm SOLDGray Atlantic SOLDOn the Road From Tilting to Joe Batt's Arm SOLDTilting Stages SOLDFrom the Earl of Windsor,  Farewell Ferry to Fogo Island, April 11th SOLDTurpin's Trail SOLDBefore Sunrise, Joe Batt's Arm, April 12th SOLDTilting Light SOLDGrosswater Walk SOLDBefore the Snow Storm, May SOLDFog on Road #333 SOLDPainting on paper 109, unframed SOLDPainting on Paper 108, unframed SOLDPainting on Paper, unframed SOLDPainting on Paper 106, unframed SOLDPainting on Paper 8"x8", unframed SOLDPainting on Paper 105, unframed SOLDPainting on paper 110, unframed SOLDPainting on Paper 104, unframed SOLDPainting on Paper, unframed SOLDPainting on Paper 103, unframed SOLDPainting on Paper 102, unframed SOLD
The Fogo Island Paintings
From April thru July of this year, I painted as an artist in residence on Fogo Island, Newfoundland. I lived and worked in the Jennifer Keefe House and Back Kitchen Studio in the Town of Tilting. It was an extremely productive time in the studio. It was on many levels a profound experience physically creatively, and spiritually. The land and the people inspired me daily. I am lucky to have made life-long friendships there.

I hope you enjoy looking at the work.